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Find some great resources including devotionals and podcasts to help you in your spiritual walk.

Bible Baptist Church St. THomas

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It's Worth a thought

Welcome to It's Worth A Thought, a podcast. Life is full of twists and turns and often leaves us looking for answers. Perhaps you feel like you've looked everywhere for hope and still find yourself struggling with things like grief, shame, depression, or anxiety. This podcast will share a biblical perspective on some of life's greatest challenges and encourage you to look at things differently. You might just find that what the Bible has to say on the issue, is worth a thought!

Daily In The Word

Bringing the Gospel to growing Christians around the world through daily devotionals.

Everyday Truth

Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly is a 15 minute, daily podcast in which Kurt teaches through books of the Bible with ministry friends or one of his four adult children.

Enjoying The Journey

We all need encouragement along the journey. The Bible provides the only true roadmap and Jesus Christ is the only faithful companion for the journey of life. In this ten-minute daily study, Evangelist Scott Pauley shares truths from the Word of God for “Enjoying the Journey.”

Ramsey solutions

Dave Ramsey and Ramsey solutions offers faith based coaching and teaching on stewarding our finances well and debt management.