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UPDATE - Provincial Lockdown December 24, 2020

Provincial Lockdown December 24, 2020

As we have already announced earlier this week, our church will be returning to online worship only starting this Sunday, December 27th. This is due to the new government restrictions and 28 day lockdown period. In these new restrictions, the Ontario government allows religious services of up to 10 people as long as they are following the safety protocols which our church already has in place. We believe church is essential, and we want to take advantage of the ability we do have to safely worship together.


Starting Sunday, January 3rd, 2021, we will be offering this new schedule for our church family. We will continue to have an online Sunday Morning Service at 11 AM, however we will begin Small Groups, of 10 or less people. To start, we will offer 6 physical groups and 2 online groups.  At all of these groups, we will walk through the same bible study, as well as have time for fellowship, discussion, and prayer. We believe that these meetings are essential to our health as a church. They allow us to continue to edify, encourage and pray for each other as the Bible commands us to do. I encourage every family and person to be a part. 


If you join a group, you will be making a four-week commitment to that group, and the weekly meeting. You cannot switch groups or time slots week by week. After four weeks, our staff will re-evaluate the new government restrictions and move forward from there. When choosing a group, pick a time that works best for you and your family over the next month. 


Sunday Evening - 4:30 PM - Fellowship Hall 

Sunday Evening - 4:30 PM - Auditorium 

Sunday Evening - 6:00 PM - Fellowship Hall

Sunday Evening - 6:00 PM - Auditorium

Wednesday Evening - 7 PM - Fellowship Hall

Wednesday Evening - 7 PM - Auditorium 

Wednesday Evening - Upstream Teens - Zoom

Wednesday Evening - Zoom Bible Study Group 


To register for a physical group, please click the "Register" button above.

To register for the online group, please contact Pastor Hollen; and for the Upstream Teens group, please contact Pastor Levi.


We are truly excited about this new schedule and hope you and your family will pray about being involved. As a staff, we believe, with the current restrictions, this is the safest and most effective way to follow the scriptures in considering one another and provoking each other to love and good works. Our methods have changed frequently over the past few months, but our mission has not, to Seek Christ and Share Hope. 


Please contact us if you have any questions at all or if you have trouble registering for a group.