Bible Baptist Church started in 1976 with a handful of people that wanted a church in St. Thomas that would stay true to the fundamental doctrines of God’s Holy Word, including the preservation of the King James Bible. Dr. Al Stone came to Bible Baptist Church in 1988. Since that time the church has now grown to one of the top 10 largest independent Baptist Churches in the country, all the while maintaining a strong standard of separation from worldliness, strong evangelistic preaching and outreach, and an absence of the contemporary trends. Bible Baptist uses the King James Bible, hymn books and an altar call every Sunday. The messages at Bible Baptist are sensitive to the issues and needs of THIS generation while at the same time holding to the “old paths” that hold us to the mark that God has set for His church.

On behalf of the good people of the Bible Baptist Church, let me take this opportunity to invite you to come and worship and participate with us in the ministry of Jesus Christ in St. Thomas. Bible Baptist is church the way CHURCH was Meant to be! Bible based, centred on Christ and a life set apart to please and honour Him. It is exciting but not carried away. We sing hymns and enjoy music without the key instrument being the drums. We have a growing orchestra, dynamic no nonsense preaching and a real family atmosphere. If you don’t find Bible Baptist Church to be one of, if not the friendliest, churches you’ve ever been to... we’ll make you an offer that will make it right!

Come and see for YOURSELF why this alternative to today’s cookie cutter contemporary worship is GROWING and Going!

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